An Exquisite Violin by Jean-Baptiste Vuillaume, Paris 1855

An Exquisite Violin by Jean-Baptiste Vuillaume, Paris 1855

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In excess of $400,000
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    J. B. Vuillaume
    Guarneri Model


    • Length of Body: 35.6 cm
    • Widths: 16.9 cm (upper bout), 20.7 cm (lower bout)

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    This instrument bears the prestigious certification of J&A Beare, the world's foremost authority in fine stringed instruments.

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    About this Instrument

    About this Bow

    This splendid violin is a fine example of the renowned craftsmanship of Jean-Baptiste Vuillaume, hailing from the heart of Parisian musical artisanship. Vuillaume, celebrated for his exceptional contributions to the world of string instruments, crafted this piece in 1855, a period marked by his profound expertise.

    The instrument bears the original label of Vuillaume from the historic rue des Petits-Champs, solidifying its authenticity and distinguished origins. It features the maker's serial number, 2053, and his signature, elegantly inscribed within the interior of the back.


    If there has ever been a violin that perfectly balanced a dark tone quality without sacrificing anything in terms of brilliance and projection, this instrument is the one. The G string has outstanding power and richness throughout, even in its highest register, a quality usually attributed to Stradivaris and Guarneris. The middle strings have a remarkably full and resonant tone, offering the player complete versatility. The E string is typical of the very best violins - it can sing beautifully with a sweet, lyrical tone but can also offer excellent power and clarity. Overall, this violin's stunning sound makes it ideally suited for solo playing or chamber music.


    • Back : Crafted from a singular piece of exquisitely figured maple, cut just off the quarter. The wood showcases medium-width flames that descend gracefully from left to right.
    • Sides and Scroll: The sides of the violin exhibit narrower flames, complementing the back's design.
    • Table: The table, formed from two pieces of select spruce, displays a medium grain at the center, which elegantly broadens towards the flanks;
    • Varnish: The violin is enveloped in a rich amber-brown varnish laid over a lighter base, creating a visual depth and luster that has aged gracefully over time.


    This violin is modelled after Guarneri del Gesu. Vuillaume's Guarneri copies are extremely rare and they are therefore even more sought-after than his Stradivari models.

    It stands as a very fine example of Vuillaume's work. Its excellent condititon, coupled with the rarity of the model, makes it a highly desirable piece for collectors and musicians alike.

    This 1855 Jean-Baptiste Vuillaume violin, with its rich historical context and superb craftsmanship, represents not only a high-quality musical instrument but also a piece of art history. It is a testament to the enduring legacy of one of the greatest violin makers of the 19th century.

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