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As the UK's leading dealer of high quality contemporary musical instruments, MyLuthier has focused on providing the finest violins, violas & cellos to players and collectors all over the world.

The Heritage Collection embodies our ongoing commitment to provide the best examples at every tier, with a curated selection of exceptional antique instruments for discerning musicians, collectors and investors.

Dealers of Fine Antique Violins, Violas, Cellos and Bows

In the heart of the City of London

Every instrument is available to try, by appointment, at our City of London Showroom.

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London Antique Violin Dealer

Selected by MyLuthier

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Explore Historical Instruments at MyLuthier London Showroom

You are invited to the MyLuthier showroom in the City of London for viewing and trialling our collection of fine antique instruments. With the expert guidance provided by our knowledgeable team, we ensure a personalised and informative experience for each visitor. Our commitment to quality and customer experience makes us an ideal stop for professionals and collectors alike, seeking to connect with the heritage of antique instruments.

Ariel Lang Heritage Collection

Ariel Lang / Co-Founder

After graduating with a Master's degree from the Royal Academy of Music in 2016, Ariel Lang carved out a specialized career in chamber ensembles and string orchestras, gaining acclaim across Europe and the Middle East with leading groups like United Strings of Europe and O/Modernt. Ariel's path took a significant turn when he co-founded MyLuthier with his colleague, Pedro. MyLuthier is not just a platform for displaying the finest contemporary instruments; it also serves as a bridge connecting these masterpieces with the broader music community of musicians and collectors.

Pedro Silva Heritage Collection

Pedro Silva / Co-Founder

Pedro Silva, a Royal Academy of Music graduate has seamlessly blended his musical expertise with entrepreneurial spirit. Alongside Ariel, he co-founded MyLuthier, driven by a passion to connect musicians and collectors with fine stringed instruments. Pedro's deep appreciation for the artistry behind musical instruments has made MyLuthier a pivotal platform for showcasing these masterpieces. Pedro's role at MyLuthier shows his commitment to showcasing the finest instruments, crafted by the finest makers, both old and new.

Heritage by MyLuthier

A curated selection of fine antique violins, violas, cellos and bows for discerning musicians and investors. We feature rare violins, violas, and cellos, representing both historical significance and unparalleled craftsmanship. Each instrument is in exceptional condition, and has been authenticated by world-leading authorities, backed by the latest in scientific analysis techniques.

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Exquisite and historically significant string instruments including violins, violas, and cellos, embodying exceptional craftsmanship.
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Every instrument has been verified by globally recognised experts in the field.
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Every instrument in the Heritage Collection is a very fine example of the maker's work and carefully selected for its exceptional condition and verified provenance.
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