Cello by Auguste Sébastien Bernardel Pere

Cello by Auguste Sébastien Bernardel Pere

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    Auguste Sébastien Bernardel
    Maggini Model

    Length of Back: 744 mm
    Upper Bout: 345 mm
    Middle Bout: 232 mm
    Lower Bout: 440 mm
    String Length: 692mm

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    This instrument bears the prestigious certification of J&A Beare, the world's foremost authority in fine stringed instruments.

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    About this Instrument

    About this Bow

    The acquisition of an exceptional French-crafted cello, presenting both superior condition and distinguished lineage, is a rare opportunity. We take great pride in presenting this exquisite Maggini model cello by Bernardel "Père", a noteworthy instrument with a venerated legacy within the London musical elite.

    Preserved with unparalleled dedication by a principal cellist from a prominent London orchestra for over half a century, this cello exudes the quintessential sound quality emblematic of the most revered French creations of its time—remarkable projection coupled with a depth of warmth in its resonance.

    This instrument, drawing inspiration from the renowned Maggini of Brescia, stands as a testament to the artistry of its maker, maintained in impeccable condition. Accompanying this cello is a certificate of authenticity from J & A Beare, with a detailed condition report available at your discretion.

    About Bernardel Père

    Bernardel Père, as Auguste Sébastien Philippe is known, first apprenticed locally in Mirecourt before moving to Paris to work for Nicolas Lupot and, after Lupot's death in 1824, with Charles François Gand. In 1826 he opened his own shop across the street from the Gand firm, where he worked steadily for 40 years until his retirement in 1866, when he handed off the business to his sons Gustave and Ernest Auguste, who had worked with him from 1860. The brothers entered into partnership with Charles Nicolas Eugène Gand, forming a prolific and successful firm known as Gand & Bernardel Frères. Like his teacher Lupot, Bernardel preferred classical Cremonese models, especially Stradivari. Though somewhat eclipsed by the work of his contemporary J.B. Vuillaume, his instruments possess fine workmanship and good materials. His cellos are particularly well regarded.

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