Very Fine Violin Bow by Dominique Peccatte, Paris 1845

Very Fine Violin Bow by Dominique Peccatte, Paris 1845

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    Dominique Peccatte

    Weight & Dimensions
    Weight: 59.2 grams
    Length of stick: 726 mm

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    This instrument bears the prestigious certification of J&A Beare, the world's foremost authority in fine stringed instruments.

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    About this Instrument

    About this Bow

    We're very pleased to offer this very fine bow by Dominique Peccatte, made in Paris c.1845. It is listed as a very fine example of the certificates by Raffin, Salchow and Jansen. Peccatte is a maker who needs no introduction and this bow does justice to his reputation.

    It is a very strong bow, allowing the player to create a sound full of body and character. It is very finely balanced and has no weak points throughout the stick, allowing for ultimate flexibility and expression. Its clarity and response enables the player to get the most out of any instrument and its wide range of colours make it a very sophisticated tool of expression, from the most refined pianos to fiery fortissimos. This bow does it all!

    It has been played in fine settings, but very well preserved and therefore only shows minor signs of wear. There is a reason why most top soloists own a Peccatte bow and by playing on it, one can certainly understand why.

    Bow Characteristics

    This bow is a very fine example of Peccatte's craftsmanship. The stick is made of golden-brown pernambuco of superior quality. The frog is made of ebony with silver mountings and and inlaid pearl eyes and the button is ebony with two silver rings. The bow is original in all its parts and clearly shows the inspiration of Francois Xavier Tourte.

    About Dominique Peccatte

    Dominique Peccatte, the son of a wigmaker, began his notable journey in the world of bow making at the Vuillaume workshop in 1826, where he was mentored by the esteemed Persoit. This training laid the foundation for his future success. By 1836, Peccatte had ventured out on his own, collaborating with François Lupot and later taking over Lupot's workshop after his passing in 1838. This period marked a significant evolution in Peccatte's craftsmanship and reputation.

    In 1839, Peccatte was joined by his brother François, and together they crafted bows that combined traditional techniques with innovative designs for two years. Peccatte's return to Mirecourt in 1847 signified a return to his roots and a continuation of his dedication to the craft, albeit with a reduced output after 1852 until his death.

    Peccatte's bows are renowned for their outstanding quality and have been the preferred choice for many of the world's leading soloists. His work is celebrated not just for its artistic excellence but also for its impact on musicians. Playing a Peccatte bow is an unforgettable experience that leaves a lasting impression on musicians, showcasing his lasting legacy in the realm of bow making.

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